Architects & Developers

Eagle Star Equipment can assist architects and developers design laundry and dry cleaning facilities. We can help whether it is assisted living/nursing homes, hotels/motels, casinos, schools, fire stations, strip centers that will have a Laundromat or dry cleaners or any of the other industries that require commercial laundry or storage equipment. Each industry has its Read more about Architects & Developers[…]

Fitness Centers/Athletic Facilities

We understand that with most Fitness Centers laundry is only a necessary chore, not how you make your money. You need to get the towels back into inventory without a lot of headaches and as efficiently as possible. Our washers are easy to operate yet offer enough programmability and allow for automatic chemical injection to Read more about Fitness Centers/Athletic Facilities[…]

Fire Stations

  As if your job isn’t dangerous enough, contaminated protective gear exposes firefighters to potentially life-threatening chemicals, biological agents and particulate matter. Industry experts have agreed that highly programmable washer-extractors are key to washing gear correctly and in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). After all, dirty gear is a health hazard. Our Read more about Fire Stations[…]

Assisted Living/HealthCare

Maintaining quality, while increasing production on shrinking budget is the challenge of all laundry facility managers. Highly programmable, properly-sized equipment is the key to addressing all three challenges when equipping a laundry in a nursing home, clinic or hospital. Washer Programmability A quality washer should have the programmability of at least 4 wash rotation speeds Read more about Assisted Living/HealthCare[…]


  Garment Uniform Storage Systems     A Total Solution Eagle Star Equipment delivers turnkey garment & uniform storage solutions. Our staff specializes in providing garment and uniform storage systems, planning, installation and service. Our garment and uniform storage systems are designed to streamline processes and labor using automated conveyors, bar-coded identification cards or RFID Read more about Gaming[…]