November 18, 2010

Garment and Uniform Storage for Gaming and Casinos

Garment and Uniform Storage Systems


A Total Solution

Eagle Star Equipment delivers turnkey garment & uniform storage solutions. Our staff specializes in providing garment and uniform storage systems, planning, installation and service. Our garment and uniform storage systems are designed to streamline processes and labor using automated conveyors, bar-coded identification cards or RFID chips and computer software. Eagle Star Equipment is one of two distributors in the United States licensed to sell garment storage systems to the gaming industry across the country.

Generally, casinos utilize our systems for uniform storage and retrieval. Employees swipe their identification cards to retrieve newly drycleaned uniforms automatically. There are no attendants to pass out or collect garments. Rather, a conveyor automatically retrieves the correct uniform for the employee. The employee then places their regular clothing into a locker bag; the conveyor moves the bag out of the way and secures it until the employee returns at the end of his shift. Small combination or key locks are optional for added security of the employees’ personal items while stored in the locker bag.

Eagle Star Equipment can also provide storage rails to handle uniform inventory. We carry single faced, multiple tier wall mounted units, double faced, multiple tier floor and ceiling supported units, as well as portable rolling racks. Properly designed our storage systems make keeping track of your inventory very easy to visually monitor.

Eagle Star Equipment also provides commercial laundry equipment in capacities to handle any size property or need. If you are currently sending out your uniforms or spa and restaurant linens there is always going to come a time when you need something cleaned and you need it now. We have soft mount washer/extractors and dryers with gas or electric heat that can be placed almost anywhere. We can provide either vacuum/up air finishing boards or self contained presses so your cast members will meet your property’s standards of appearance. We can also provide all the equipment you would need to process all your laundry in-house. This allows you to have greater control over your inventory reducing the number of par required for cast members, hotel rooms, spa and restaurant linens. Not every property has the space to process in-house but if you give us a call we can help determine how much you need to process and how much equipment you’ll need to process it.

Coat Check Systems

Properties also utilize Eagle Star Equipment’s storage systems in their coat rooms. Our coat check conveyors can be modified to accommodate almost any size or shape of room. Conveyors can go up into the ceiling or curve around the room. To maximize storage capacity some properties utilize a double tier conveyor to handle shorter coats and one standard conveyor to handle the long coats. The coat room systems do not require the sophisticated computer control of the uniform storage systems. However we have keypad controls that will take the shortest route for the quickest retrieval or for smaller rooms we offer the basic two way hand or foot switch.

When we design your system we not only consider how many pieces need to be stored but what pieces are going to be stored. Properties in the northern climates will require double yoke systems for the added strength required for the heavier winter wear that will be stored. We also have to add the length of the conveyor. Each frame may have 10 slots but we will not be able to fit 10 large bulky winter coats on each frame. Each system is designed according to the properties specific requirements.