H-M Company manufactures and adapts their products to your needs with the highest quality drain troughs and lint interceptors. H-M uses the strongest noncorrosive material, co-polymer polypropylene, a chemical resistant material suited for a lifetime of use. H-M drain troughs are built to support the weight of a service technician during machine repairs.


Body Material: 1/4″ Polypropylene
Lid Material: 3/8″ Polypropylene
Lint Filter Material: 1/4″ PVC
Lint Filter Holes: 3/8″ Diameter
Chemical Resistant: Yes
Maximum Water Temperature: 200º
Lid Attached to Body with Stainless Steel Screws
10″x 18″x 12″
3″x 16″x 12″
4″x 18″x 12″
6″x 18″x 12″
4″x 18″x 12″
8″x 18″x 12″
9″x 18″x 12″
3″x 16″x 12″
Drain Troughs/Screens

• Allows washers to be installed in buildings with small drains.
• Filters lint to prevent drains from clogging.
• Troughs include a lid to reduce odors and prevent water from splashing out.
• Lint filter includes an emergency overflow.
• Helps contain excess suds.
• Second lint filter can be installed if required.
• Lid can support a service technicians weight.

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