Unipress manufactures dry cleaning, laundry and finishing equipment. Unipress designs its products with high quality materials that maximize production and quality.

Shirt Units

HS Single Buck Body Press & Sleever

HS-1 All-in-One

HS-2 Double Buck Body Press & Sleever

HS-2H Double Buck Press & Sleever with Optional Hood

TS1 Single Buck Body Press with Vacuum

TD2 Double Buck Body Press with Vacuum

Versaform V4

Collar & Cuff

3TZ Tensioning Collar & Cuff Press

F3T Collar & Cuff Press

WCZ Tensioning Collar & Cuff Press

Q4T Tensioning Collar & Cuff Press

F3TB Collar & Cuff Press



46X Automatic Legger Utility Press

46XH Hot Head Legger Press

DC46S Double Legger Press

DLZ Double Laundry Legger Press

SLZ Single Laundry Legger Press


42RXH Hot Head Utility Press

42LXH Hot Head Utility Press

42RX All Purpose Utility Press


19MX 19″ Mushroom Press

FMT Mushroom Topper Press

19MXH 19″ Mushroom Hot Head Press


FB Lay Down Body Press

LPZ Linen Supply Press

WAZ Wearing Apparel Press

Pant Toppers

ATT Tensioning Pants Topper Unit

MTF Manual Pants Topper

STF Semi-Automatic Pants Topper

TPF-PA Tensioning Pants Topper

DTZ Double Pants Topper Press

Puff Irons

PI-1 Single Head Puff Iron

PI-2 Two Head Puff Iron

PI-3 Three Head Puff Iron


BAG Automatic Bagger

SC1 Steam Box

SST Steam Spotting Board




17658 Shirt hanger

31438 Damp Box