International Ozone manufactures air purification and odor control equipment. Ozone equipment is manufactured in the U.S.A. to meet rigid quality, durability, and safety standards. Ozone is nature’s air purifier and deodorizer. Ozone can be used to get rid of odors (smoke, urine, gases, water damage, pet, etc.)  also, to destroy bacteria, mold, virus, mildew, germs, etc.
Corona Virus
A study has shown that it is possible for the Corona Virus to be airborne and has shown air purifiers are an effective way of combating such an airborne virus.
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TZ-1 & TZ-2
Ozone Generator

TZ-4 & TZ-8
Ozone Generator

TZ UV-300 &
TZ UV-600
Ozone Generator

Titan 1000
Hydroxyl Generator

Titan 2000
Hydroxyl Generator

Titan 4000
Hydroxyl Generator


Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer