March 17, 2010

Pre-Owned Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment

Unlike many of our competitors, Eagle Star Equipment understands the importance of selling pre-owned equipment in the Dry Cleaning, OPL and Coin laundry markets. Investing in pre-owned equipment is a great way to save money when just beginning to equip a dry cleaning or laundry facility, or when needing to add additional machines.

We offer a range of pre-owned products with limited service warranties, including:

Pre-owned Equipment for Sale

Description Model No. Price Quantity
Saratoga Up & Down Conveyor w/ Supports EV1190 $3,900 1
Unipress Hurricane Double Buck HS2 $32,995 1
Unipress Collar & Cuff WCZ $5,995 1
Sankosha Single Buck LP-590U $22,995 1
Forenta Touch Up Board 8TBS $400 1
Unipress Three Head Puff Iron PI-3 $1,750 1
Forenta Sleeve Finisher 80CL $1,095 1
Forenta Auto Legger w/ Iron Stand & Sleeve Board 471SLMAC $2,900 1
Forenta Triple Puff w/ Vac & Pull Down Heads 33PSVH $1,200 1
Forenta Foam Finisher 60AFL $1,500 1
Forenta Manual Folder 10MF $1,170 1
IowaTech Starch Cooker UltraStarch 2000 $1,295 1
Ingersoll-Rand 5HP Air Compressor 30T $1,795 1
Saylor-Beall 10HP Air Compressor VT-755-120 $2,959 1
Unimac 35LB Electric Dryer UT035 $2,695 1
Union Cloud XL Cloud XL $27,995 1


For additional information on pre-owned equipment, please Contact Us.