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Self-service Laundry GrowthSelf-Service Laundry Growth

Vended Laundries have truly evolved over the years. Years ago laundromats were filled with top load washers, a bank of dryers, some folding tables and not much else. So families with a large amount of laundry were stuck doing many loads in a dreary atmosphere establishing the stigma that today’s Laundromats are still trying to over come.

The new stores we design have a wide range of equipment with larger capacity washers and dryers enabling more laundry to get done in less time. We also retool older stores, updating them with the newer and larger equipment. While we design our stores to generate income for the store owner we also want the customers to have a pleasant experience.

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Existing Store OwnersExisting Store Owners

Many store owners ask, how can I make more money at my store? That is a question with a long list answers but not necessarily an easy solution. We feel the question should be; how do I keep more money? The answer: cut utility costs. We feel this is the one area that owners with older stores can immediately see an impact on their bottom line.

Water heaters have seen the most advancement in energy efficiency. If you’re using an old style atmospheric heater we definitely can start saving you money right away. Older water heaters were sized larger than they needed to be to compensate for their inefficiencies. With a properly sized, high efficiency water heater your gas usage will drop noticeably.

Dryers have come a long way as well. There was a time when the theory was to blast the clothes with BTUs to get them dry. We now install dryers that have the proper balance between BTUs and CFMs (air flow) that not only lower the cost to operated the dryers but dry everything quicker. Customers don’t like waiting with a basket a wet clothes for a dryer to free up. Quicker dry times mean more people moving through your store. So new dryers will not only save you money they may actually make you more money.

Washers too have increased their efficiency. You don’t have to be told that top load washers are water hogs. If you have more than 6 in your store you have too many and really need to take a look at replacing any extras with front loads washers. The water savings will be dramatic. We also have washers capable of spinning at 1000 rpm, with out being bolted to the floor, which will also cut the dry times and move more customers through your store. The micro computer upgrade over rotary timer controls gives you complete control over water usage, water temperature and wash time.
Going back to the original question of how do I make more money in my store. We can help with that as well. We will evaluate what you have in equipment compared with the demographics of your area to make sure your store is still built for your clientele. We have marketing ideas that have worked in the past and ways to capture some commercial accounts.

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New Store InvestorsNew Store Investors

To those interested in getting into the vended laundry industry Eagle Star Equipment can offer you a complete turn-key package that will be designed for you to make money and for your customers to have a place that is pleasant and inviting. No matter if the stock market is up or down people need to clean their clothes. In the good times your saving people time, drop off laundry service; and in bad times you’re saving them money on their own utility bills.

The important thing is to build a store that matches the neighborhood’s needs with a proper balance of washers, dryers, folding area and seating. A college town will have customers walking in with an armful of clothes so mostly smaller equipment with a few bigger washers for bedding will work. In neighborhoods with large families we need more of the larger equipment with large capacity dryers.

Equally important is building the store to meet your needs. Is this going to be a primary or secondary source of income? Do you want an attended or unattended store? What services are you willing or able to offer (drop off laundry, commercial accounts, pick up and delivery)? What image do you want your store to convey?

An investment in a vended laundry is not a small investment. It needs to be discussed in length and in great detail. We do not take setting a client up in business lightly. Our client’s long term success has been the key to Eagle Star Equipment success.

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A Basic Human Need

One thing remains constant – washing clothing is a basic human need. That’s why the self-service laundry market is buffered by fluctuations in the economy – making it a solid business opportunity.