Fitness Centers/Athletic Facilities

We understand that with most Fitness Centers laundry is only a necessary chore, not how you make your money. You need to get the towels back into inventory without a lot of headaches and as efficiently as possible. Our washers are easy to operate yet offer enough programmability and allow for automatic chemical injection to ensure a consistent wash every time. Our high speed soft mount washers will remove most of the moisture during extract that your dryers will be able to keep up with the washer. The soft mount design also allows for washers to be placed over basements or on the second floor of properties. The old style hard mount washers require being bolted to cement foundations, sometimes up to 12” thick.

We can also help if uniform storage is required. We wall mounted railing systems, single sided and double sided floor mounted railing systems, manually controlled or automated conveyor systems. We have standard units or we can customize a unit for your specific needs.