April 15, 2010

Turn-Key Vended Laundry Business Opportunities

As an investment opportunity, a self-service laundry spins out loads of potential. Buffered by fluctuations in the economy, self-service laundries, when executed the right way, offer a solid return on investment. Laundries operate on a cash-in-advance basis, hold little inventory and are owner-controlled. As cycles per machine increase, so do profits. The self-service laundry industry delivers high profits and low operating expenses.

In an ever-changing economy, one thing remains constant – washing clothing is a basic human need. That’s why the self-service laundry market is a solid business opportunity.

Eagle Star’s Laundromat Turnkey has been designed to operate with the least amount of labor costs for the investment. The key to this lower cost is the efficient arrangement and expert installation of the equipment within the working area of the vended laundry. Our unique design of the shop layout and work-flow system helps achieve a fast smooth work-flow, an increase in work capacity and a greater profit. With the assistance of an Eagle Star specialist and our field technicians, the owner will start with an up-to-the minute “going” operation when the doors are open.

For those interested in getting into the vended laundry industry, Eagle Star Equipment offers a complete turn-key package designed to make you money and to give your customers a pleasant and inviting place to do their laundry. Regardless of the state of the economy, people need to clean their clothes. In a good economy, you save customers’ time with your drop-off laundry service, and in a bad economy, you save customers money on their own utility bills.

When designing a laundromat, it is important to match the needs of the neighborhood with a proper balance of washers, dryers, folding areas and seating. A college town will have customers mainly walking in with an armful of clothes so that mostly small equipment with a few larger washers for bedding will be sufficient. In neighborhoods with large families, more of the larger equipment with large capacity dryers would be necessary.

Just as important as equipment mix is building the store to meet your personal needs. Is this store going to be your primary or secondary source of income? Would you prefer to have an attended or unattended store? What services are you willing or able to offer (drop-off laundry, commercial accounts, pick-up and delivery)? What image do you want your store to convey?

An investment in a vended laundry is not a small investment. It needs to be discussed at length and in great detail. Eagle Star Equipment does not taking setting up a client in business lightly; our client’s long-term success has been the key to our success.

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