April 15, 2010

Turn-key Dry Cleaning Business Opportunities

Eagle Star Equipment has been serving the dry cleaning and laundry industries for over 50 years. We have provided equipment, parts, technical and mechanical support for our clients throughout the country. Before we sell a piece of equipment, we make sure that it is what you will need to get the job done. A plant that is producing 1,000 garments a week will need a different mix of equipment than a plant that will be producing 10,000 garments a week.

When planning a new store, we review the area demographics, industry trends, and the store size to determine the best layout and equipment mix to maximize your return on investment. Eagle Star Equipment can provide complete turn-key packages for the first-time investor, overseeing the project from blue prints and state inspections to start-up training and grand-opening marketing. We also provide replacement equipment when it is time to upgrade or expand your business.

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