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The ExpressDry Series of dryers offers a wide variety of features from unmatched design and durability to programmability. The ExpressDry delivers an energy efficient, Durable, programmable, ergonomic, and easy to maintain machine.

Energy Efficient

The ExpressDry requires fewer btu’s per load compared to other dryers and can cut the consumed gas per load by 7.1 percent.

Stack60 and SuperStack90

The Stack60 and SuperStack90 feature separate controls and coin vaults allowing for less jams, fills and malfunctions. They also take up almost one square foot less per machine.


The ExpressDry Series Provides a robust cylinder, dual motors providing separate power for basket rotation and airflow. They also offer durable kick-plates, cart bumpers and door bars. These machines are constructed from premium steel and secured with heavy-duty hinges.


The ExpressDry comes with an advanced microprocessor that allow for superior control over the drying process. This allows for multiple coin drop options – standard quarter, token, dual drop, dual denomination or world drop. The processor can program time, temperature, cool-down and more. It can interface with most card vending systems. It uses an easy-to-use graphical display and has a diagnostics system and auditing ability for total number of cycles, coins or start pulses from card systems, and total top-offs.


The ExpressDry has self-cleaning lint screens as well as an oversized lint compartment. Within that compartment also has an accessible area for the driver motors and electrical components.


The design of the machine has made it simpler and less costly to install while also giving it a smaller footprint in the workplace allowing for more machines. Each machine requires one exhaust port and one gas connection. ExpressDry Dryers require a 120V20amp breaker and 12-gauge wire.